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The story of who is behind Cruising Aviation and how we got to where we are now

Meet Jack, a student pilot from the North East of England, and the founding owner of Cruising Aviation.

Since he was 12, Jack has been obsessed with everything plane related, and dreams of becoming a commercial pilot. He began taking flying lessons for his private pilots license when he was 14, at what was then Durham Tees Valley Airport, but since has been renamed Teeside International Airport, in County Durham, England. 


A year into his training, with just 6 hours under his belt, the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK causing mass distributions to many services, including flight training...

With schools closed, and unable to fly, Jack decided he was going to use his time wisely. So he learnt to create websites.

Also been a passionate photographer, he began by creating Marshall Photography, a website to to showcase some of his Photos.


Proving a success, Jack decided to go one step up and single handedly create a fully functional online store, selling high-quality, clothing and accessories to do with his favourite thing... aviation! So with just a logo, domain and a lot of determination Cruising Aviation was born!

Follow Jack on his journey to becoming a pilot, on social media!

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