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Cruising Aviation

Life is better above the clouds!

Serving pilots, plane geeks and everyone addicted to aviation with everything, wherever they may be!

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Cruising Aviation is an online store selling reliable, high-quality, aviation-related merchandise to all corners of the globe! Founded in August 2020, we are one of few stores globally purely selling clothing and accessories branded by aviation. After beginning with only 23 products, we now supply 300+ items to everyone, everywhere with an average shipping period of 2-4 days, because you shouldn't have to wait around for your products; all of which are individually unique and have been single-handedly designed by our 15 year old founder, a student pilot!

We strive in supporting global issues, such as climate change. That's why we have introduced our eco-range, selling eco-friendly, biodegradable products to try and tackle waste pollution. It's also why we hope to introduce recyclable packaging for all of our orders in the future. Please visit our Sustainability and Responsibility page to read all about how we're improving how we do business for the greater good of our planet!

We also believe that all of our workers are always our number one priority, because happy staff means high quality products. So we pledge to treat all of our staff fairly and ensure they have a suitable and enjoyable work environment (in accordance with The CA Supply Chains Act of 2010). Discrimination is not accepted at Cruising Aviation. We’re an equal opportunity workplace and our hiring and employment decisions, including those relating to compensation, benefits, promotions, training and development, discipline, and termination, are made solely on the basis of skills and performance, not on race, colour, religion, ancestry, sex, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, or other characteristics.

To pledge our support to the Black Lives Matter movement, our fulfilment partner has committed to donating $20,000 to the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People).

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Development Timeline

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